How to Propagate Hibiscus

How to Propagate Hibiscus –

hibiscusStep 1 – find the end of a stem that does not have buds or active flowers and cut it long enough to make one or more 6-8 inch pieces. Remove all but the top 3 or 4 leaves. Many of these cuttings will not take, so do as many as you can at one time. You will know how many took within 4 to six weeks.

The young, tender newbies cannot withstand much, wind, sun, or root movement. It is best to put 1 ½ times the amount that you want to end up with, so either start them in a container with good drainage or start them in a plastic bag with tiny slits in the bottom and sides for the roots to pop out. This makes it very easy to remove the amount of plants you want without doing much damage to the root system.

Step 2 – These plants love drainage; so use some excellent potting soil with 1/3 Perlite. Wet the soil down and use your finger to make the holes for the trimmings. Stick them in the holes and put them in partial sunshine. Let the soil dry out between watering.

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