Why Do They Paint Tree Trunks White?

why do they paint tree trunks white

This is a common question, Why Do They Paint Tree Trunks White here in the tropics?

Painting tree trunks white is a way of sealing trunks and protecting them. Living in or near the jungle, we have a lot of insects that climb trees and damage the tree. Painting has greatly reduced that.


  1. To prevent cracking in young trees
  2. To prevent insect damage
  3. To prevent sun damage to  tender bark

How to paint tree trunks

  1. Use only water based latex paint. Exterior or interior is fine
  2. Dilute one part paint to three parts water
  3. Never use oil base and this will harm tree and prevent breathing
  4. Be sure paint contains no additives that are harmful to plants, the simpler the better
  5. Use white, dark colors will absorb heat and cause further damage
  6. Apply with a brush, One coat should do (spraying does not stick well)
  7. May need to be redone one a year in extreme weather
  8. Paint up to the first set of branches

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