Growing Bromelaids

Mayan Garden Club Tip of the Month


April 2018




One of the best known bromeliad is the pineapple which can be grown from the top of another pineapple and has been explored by the MGC on its web site at

Most people are more familiar with the bromeliad as being the showy flower that can grow inside the house and is often delivered by a florist on festive occasions. They make great house plants. However, here in Playa del Carmen the Los Pinos vivero has a beautiful inventory of showy bromeliads.

They are rain forest natives and often grown in trees or on rocks and are anchored by their roots. Their main source of water is what collects in their whorls which are often called leaves though they are more succulent. Watering the dirt around the root can cause them to rot so water through the leaves or whorls only.

Most grow best in partial light or shade though the ones with slender leaves will tolerate full sun. Plants are propagated by pups which grown off the main plant. When these pups are about one third of the main plant separate them and plant or allow to attach to rocks or wood. You can start this by tying them with twine.

The flowers are bright and colorful and some have brightly marked leaves. There are more than 2000 specific species of bromeliads so we have shown you the ones that are readily available now for your garden or home.


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