January Inaugural Meeting

Pineapple Planting

How do you start a garden club? You call a meeting and see if anyone comes. Our very first meeting was hosted by Casa Gatos and we had an overwhelming response. Fifteen people from all over the Rivera Maya came to show their interest.

We discussed the purpose of the club and decided to have a web site to promote our goals. The web site would disseminate information on our club as well as articles on plants that grow in the Mexican Yucatan. Our purpose is listed on this web site in detail and we adhere to that in everything.

We decided to explore improving the Akumal Memorial Garden as a project and we will discuss that more at the next meeting.

The club and our web site will be open to anyone interested. We left excited about our club now being a reality and agreeing to meet again at Casa Gatos in February bringing food and drink to share.


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