Scientific name: Carica Papaya L.

This tree is native to tropical America and will reach 3-10 meters. They can be started from seeds and grow quickly. Picture, the papaya tree started from seeds in a pot.

A papaya is really a giant herb tree but growing one can be easy and fulfilling, They grow quickly. You need a female tree to bear fruit and a male tree nearby to pollinate it.  However, some papaya trees are hermaphrodite. The male tree has little flowers on short branches coming from the tree whereas the female tree has flowers close to the trunk. The flowers in the female tree will become fruit. The fruit may start in the spring and be ripe late summer or fall. One tree can have a lot of fruit.

Papayas do not really have insect problems but they do have problems with flocks of birds landing on the trees and devouring the tree. They` may also be critters from the jungle that like Papaya as much as you do.

To keep the birds and critters away, string strips of aluminum foil near the growing fruit. The reflection of light will scare the pests.

Papaya Foil Protection

Papaya Foil Hat

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