Boat Lily


Growing Boat-Lily,Tradescantia Spathacea

This plant is also called Moses in a Boat, Mother-in-law-tongue and other similar names.

It grows wild everywhere along the roads in the Yucatán. To transplant, just pull some out and stick the stem like roots in the ground, it multiplies in a hurry.

This is a herbaceous shrub which multiplies by underground rhizomes. Foliage leaves are long and spiked clumping with dark green on the top and vivid purple on the underside.

Flowers are small and white produced year around.


Growing– Where to plant-in full sun or part shade. It needs only moderate water and the tropical rains are plants. It is used in mass plantings, borders and had a larger and smaller leaf variety.

provide good drainage to prevent root rot and will grow easily in rocky soil. You can see it all along the roads and in the jungle of the Yucatan.


Caution– the watery sap can cause stinging and itching on the skin of individuals and animals. When you handle the plant be sure to wear protective gloves and clothing. The plant can be eaten if cooked and has medicinal properties but because of the burning that is can cause, we do not recommend this unless it is done by an experienced local person.


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