Plants Mexican Firebush


Firecracker Plant -Related to the Mexican Firebush



The red tubular flowers on this hardy plant are irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies due to their abundance of yummy nectar. Firecracker plants are excellent for large containers, cascading over walls, at the end of a flower bed, or anywhere there is dead space in the sunny part of the garden. These beautiful arching plants will give any garden another great focal point. Although they tolerate partial shade, you will increase your buds several fold if the plant is in full sun. These plants will get about 3 feet high and can become as tall as five feet if not trimmed. If trimming is needed or you want to keep your plant smaller, trim only a small amount at a time. Over trimming can kill. Flowering will continue all year with an increase in hotter months.  Use top soil or organic peat when planting. The Firecracker plant will need fertilized three or four times a year with a controlled release system. This plant also requires watering every twenty-four to forty-eight hours to look its best.



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