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Mayan Garden Club Tip Of The Month- January 2017

 Trumpet tree- Spanish name-Guarambo             


The wild trumpet tree grows abundantly in the Yucatan and reaches 20-25 meters in height.  The tree is thin with a hollow trunk and has large leaves.

The upper surfaces of the leaves are scaled, while the lower surfaces are covered with minute hair, interspersed with longer ones. The petioles are generally 20–50 centimeters long, while the branches are green and covered with short, stiff hairs. There are separate male and female plants. Male flowers are borne in spikes 10–60 centimeters long. The female flowers are borne in paired spikes 3–5 centimeters long. The small fruit is enclosed in a fleshy jacket and is a favorite of birds and especially colorful toucans

For its defense mechanism, its hollow trunk become a home to ants that keep other insects out.


If land has been cleared, you will usually see the Trumpet Tree as one of the first trees growing back. It grows quickly and helps to keep the soil from eroding from hard rain and it also provides fast shade and shelter for other jungle plants and trees.


It is well regarded as a healing plant, Some of the remedies include brewing a tea out of the leaves to lower blood pressure. Soaking in a bath of leaves is said to help rheumatism.

For scorpion stings, mix a string tea of the leaves with honey and apply as a rinse. It will probably not help with the numb tongue you may get from a sting, but it will make the stung area feel better.

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